The End? …….

I leave Santiago tomorrow and take a slow train back across Spain to the ferry home. My Camino walk is over and I have been blessed all the way with great weather and with no [...]


From Asylum to Community Care by Alison Craze

Local author Alison Craze is delighted with the success of her book about Brookwood Hospital, near Woking, published last year. Alison was inspired to write it after meeting people who had been patients and staff [...]


Downhill all the way 8.10.15

Over the summit at O'Cebreiro just in time for a stunning sunrise. The cloud at the pass all glows golden in the new sunshine. Many new pilgrims joining the Camino and I begin to miss [...]


Michael’s progress 6/10/15

A couple of wet days, the first since I started the Camino. So not the usual happy walking in the sunrise, but once used to the hassle of the wet gear the spirit of the [...]


Michael’s Progress 3/10/15

Michael's Progress 3/10/15 Am at Astorga, historic walled can city with Roman roots. The sunny weather of the last 3 weeks is about to change to wind and rain and some testing hills ahead. Hope [...]