Haiku and Poems 2021

Haiku and Poems 2021

Sunshine streaming through the window –
Beautiful HAPPY music – bringing memories of good times –
Warm, Together – Hope….

Walking all alone
A host of lovely bluebells
Mirror the blue sky

Feeling a bit low
I meet and greet a new friend The feeling is gone

A person from Nowhere, decided to go there
When they arrived, just being there was not enough
It was found Nowhere is everywhere
Just being there is rough
Just like the Billy Goat Gruff!

Epsom Mental Health
And Well-being festival In this together

The birches reach tall
Titanium white shimmers
A churchyard laments

White birch trees reach up
To the brightness of the sky
A sense of peace flows

Winter, spring, summer and fall
Cold or warm, I don’t mind at all,
Sunny season gives me reason Not to fall

I cannot believe
What I feel in a lifetime
To say in a word

Watashi was tabita
Sugoku ee desu* (*An appreciation of food received

Meeting with people
Pleasure mixed with fearfulness
I open the door…

A Prayer  Poem for Mental Health Week

This week is mental health week and I pray for all those involved
And I pray people will find you and many will be told
I thank you for the speakers for those willing their stories to tell
About times in their lives when maybe they haven’t been so well
For all those people wanting their stories to share
About periods in their lives when maybe they haven’t been there.

I thank you for the doctors, for the medics, GP’s and psychs
And I hope on social media, like on Facebook, they get many likes
Thanks also to the team who make the coffees and the teas
Always remember to give them a smile and say thank you and please.

And a big thank you goes out to James and Eddie
For making all the lunches and afternoon teas.
Your work has not gone unnoticed, or in any way forgotten
You are thought of so very highly, from my heart to my bottom!

And all the work that’s done behind the scenes
I want you to know how much this means
And as a Christian, I pray that many will turn up
Even if is just to share in a coffee cup.

It’s so good to talk and share
And for some people it’s good just being there.
And remember, sometimes it’s OK to not be OK
And it’s OK to speak up about it and talk and say.

And when you open up you may find you’re not alone
For others are feeling similarly – it’s not bad to have a moan!
But it’s also good to have a laugh and it’s sometimes good to be a bit daft
And to laugh at your problems – to laugh at yourself
In turn can bring light on your own mental health.

But I know in the dark times things can be hard,
And you feel you’ve been dealt the wrong set of cards
But fear not, it may sound cheesy, it may sound a bit dumb
But I have turned to Jesus – and He is my new number one
And you may think that sounds silly or weird or off the wall
But I’ve learned now with Jesus, I can somehow walk talk.

So to finish now, I leave you with this thought
In those times when you are falling, how will you be caught?
For I believe in Jesus, He will catch me every time
And I don’t have to always be – doing just fine.

So whatever your views on Jesus or God,
Just think of it as someone to talk to when you’re on your tod
And you never know a relationship or a friendship might spark
That you will find keeps you safe in these times of such dark.