Art Competition winners 2021

Art Competition Winners 2021

Many congratulations to Anneli Borkakoti, Skanda. R and Dawn Monart

This years theme:
What I have learned in Lockdown

0-11 years
12-18 years
19+ years
Art without the competition

Art Competition Entrants
0 – 11 years

By Max Ralph Flett
By Harvey Ralph Flett
Happy by Felix Goodhand
Rainbow in the Darkness by Aimee Logan
Love by Clementine Goodhand
By Anneli Borkakorti

Art Competition Entrants
12 – 18 years

Nature Seaside Days by Angelo Cooper

Walks in the Forest by Rory Gibbs
Intertwined Together by Milo Russell
Light at the End of the Tunnel by Ryan Lunemann
By Emily Pearson
Because They Are Selfish by AT
Taking My Daily Walk and Enjoying Nature by Milo Russell

Art Competition Entrants
19 years +

The Beauty of Nature never ceases. September evening at Pevensey Bay Sussex. By Elaine Goodhand.
The Last Swallow of Summer by Elaine Goodhand
Free by Elaine Goodhand
Freedom Along The Shore by Elaine Goodhand
Winter by Elaine Goodhand
Late Summer by Elaine Goodhand
Poem – Mental Illness by Elaine Goodhand
Poem -On The Locked Ward by Elaine Goodhand
Photos of My Favourite Places by Elaine Goodhand
Remember Others by Rani
No Title by Ho Man
No Title by Ho Man
No Title by Jessica Paul
No Title by Dawn Monarty
The Value of Freedom by Peter J West

No Title by Ho Man
No Title by Ho Man
No Title by Ho Man
Poem – A Poets Tale by Stacey Robinson
Poem – no title by Izzi Thorneycroft – Page 1.
Poem – no title by Izzi Thorneycroft -Page 2

Poem- no title by Izzi Thorneycroft – Page 3
Remember Others by Rani

Art Without the Competition

By Mary Wood
By Poppy Misch
By Elizabeth Clement